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The Netherlands has a rich history of cultivation under glass. As early as the year 1900 glass windows were placed against walls to protect grapevines against our changeable climate. It was soon discovered that a construction with tilted windows was more effective, resulting in the development of the lean-to greenhouse. Currently, cultivation under glass in the Netherlands covers over 10,000 hectares, with the emphasis on floriculture. The auction centre in Aalsmeer is the largest flower auction in the world.

A visit to Eurokas shows that Dutch greenhouse building techniques have developed considerably. Eurokas delivers modern and solid greenhouses in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Not only new build, but also the demontage and reconstruction of used greenhouses form an integral part of the company. Experienced Eurokas professionals can be seen on the job throughout Europe. Once their job is finished, the grower can commence his business immediately. Eurokas wishes you an abundant harvest, which with our help we are sure you will achieve!